The Forum of German-speaking Namibians, through its regional group „Gesprächskreis Swakopmund,“ was pleased to host a symposium titled „The Challenges to Namibian Democracy,“ which took place at the Alte Brücke Resort in Swakopmund. This event featured a full day of vibrant discussions, critical analyses, and intellectual exchanges addressing key issues in Namibian democracy.

With national elections approaching, the symposium provided a crucial platform for discussing democracy in Namibia, shedding light on the role of media, the freedom of the press, minority rights, and the state of reconciliation within the country.

This event offered a meaningful opportunity for engaging with leading figures and exploring the current and future challenges facing Namibia’s democratic landscape.

Live Stream and ReLive Options

For those who could not attend in person, we ensured accessibility by streaming the event live on YouTube. Each segment of the symposium was made available through designated YouTube windows directly below this text in the „Programme with Live Streams“ section. Attendees could initiate the live stream by simply clicking „Play“ on any window. After the event, for added convenience, recordings of each session are accessible in the same window, marked as ReLive, allowing the the attendees to revisit the discussions at their leisure – and you, of course.

Programme with Live Streams

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Part 1
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Dr. John Nakuta, Media Ombudsman
> Is Namibia’s Democracy Under Siege?

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Mrs. Monika von Wietersheim introduced the speaker, Dr. John Nakuta, the Media Ombudsman. Following Dr. Nakuta’s insightful presentation, Mr. Raimar von Hase facilitated the ensuing discussion.

Part 2
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Mr. Toivo Ndjebela, Editor Namibian SUN
> Democracy and Freedom of the Press in Namibia

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After the break, Mrs. Monika von Wietersheim once again took the stage to introduce the next speaker, Mr. Toivo Ndjebela, the Editor of the Namibian SUN. Following his talk, Dr. Gabi Schneider led the discussion.

Part 3
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Mrs. Toni Hancox, Legal Assistance Centre of Namibia:
> Are Minority Rights Still Observed in Namibia?

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Resuming after lunch, Mrs. Monika von Wietersheim introduced the afternoon’s first speaker, Mrs. Toni Hancox, from the Legal Assistance Centre of Namibia. Following her presentation, Mrs. Benita Herma moderated the discussion.

Part 4
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Bishop (emeritus) Zephania Kameeta:
> Reconciliation – Status Quo?

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As the programme continued, Mrs. Monika von Wietersheim introduced the day’s final speaker, Bishop Emeritus Zephania Kameeta. Following his address, Pastor Emeritus Klaus-Peter Tietz led the final discussion of the event.

Opening | Starting 8H30 (CAT):
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Opening and Tribute
> In commemoration of Prof Gerhard Toetemeyer

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The symposium commenced with an opening address by Mrs. Sabine Vaupel, the Chairperson of the Gesprächskreis Swakopmund, the coastal section of the Forum of German-speaking Namibians. She was followed by Ms. Natalie Russman, who represented the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the sponsor of the event, and provided an introduction. Mr. Harald Hecht, the Chairman of the Forum of German-speaking Namibians, then delivered a welcome address. The opening segment concluded with a memorial for Prof. Gerhard Toetemeyer, conducted by Pastor Emeritus Klaus-Peter Tietz.

Limited Seating and Zoom Slots Were Available – RSVP Was Required

Whether you were a local stakeholder, international observer, or simply someone invested in the future of democracy, this symposium offered a unique opportunity to delve deep into the challenges and opportunities facing Namibia. During the lunch and refreshment breaks, attendees had the opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and thought leaders, providing valuable networking opportunities.

  • Venue: Alte Brücke Resort, Swakopmund (Google Maps)
  • Date & Time: April 13, 2024, 8:00 AM for an 8:30 AM start
  • In-Person Attendance: Experience the symposium firsthand by joining us at the Alte Brücke Resort. Immerse yourself in the discussions, network with speakers and attendees, and enjoy our hospitality including lunch and refreshments. Spots are limited, so early registration is encouraged.
  • Zoom Participation: If traveling to Swakopmund is not feasible, you can still participate actively in the symposium via Zoom. Enjoy the full schedule of talks, presentations, and discussions live from wherever you are.
  • RSVP Deadline:
    • In Person: 6 PM – April 11
    • Zoom: 9 PM – April 12

Join us as we navigate the complexities of democracy in Namibia and explore paths towards a peaceful and prosperous future for our country..