Image: Nora Schimming-Chase laid to rest | 18.03.201 | Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)

The Forum German-speaking Namibians has been approached to comment on the proposal made by students of the Freie Universität Berlin to rename the street „Iltisstraße“ in the suburb of Dahlem/Berlin.

The street was named after the warship that carried German soldiers to China where they helped to suppress the boxer rebellion from 1899 to 1901.

The proposal suggests renaming the street to „Nora Schimming-Chase Straße“ or Nora Schimming-Chase Promenade.

Ms. Nora Schimming-Chase was Namibia’s first ambassador to Germany. Her work as the ambassador for the newly independent Namibia will be remembered for her extraordinary dedication towards the friendship between the two countries.

Her German was nearly perfect:

Her efforts were also acknowledged by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany by awarding her the federal cross of merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) in 1997.

In view of its objective to establish and maintain conciliatory dialogue the Forum welcomes this proposal to remember a daughter of Namibia with a street name in one of the most prominent capitals in the world.

FORUM Management Committee

H. Hecht (Chairperson), B. Herma (Vice-Chairperson) , M. Nambelela, C. von Blottnitz, R. von Hase, H. Schneider-Waterberg, M. von Wietersheim